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Ari Richter was born in Tampa, FL in 1983. He received a 100% debt-free, public education, including a BFA from Florida State University and a MFA from UNC Greensboro. His sculptures, drawings, videos and performances have been presented at BHQFU (New York, NY), Flux Factory (Queens, NY), Spartanburg Art Museum (Spartanburg, SC), CentralTrak (Dallas, TX), Athens Institute for Contemporary Art (Athens, GA), Celebrate Brooklyn! (Brooklyn, NY), Nexus Foundation for Today's Art (Philadelphia, PA), MOCAtv (Los Angeles, CA) and The Weatherspoon Art Museum (Greensboro, NC). He has attended artist residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and the University of Texas at Dallas, and he presented at the academic conference, The Way of All Flesh, in collaboration with the CUNY Graduate Center and The Morbid Anatomy Museum.

Ari Richter is an Associate Professor of Art at LaGuardia Community College in The City University of New York. He lives and works in Queens, NY.


I am a pun savant. Wordplay is my free-associative super power. I want to produce visceral reactions, so I make things out of bodily materials. I find beauty in the parts that we husk away. The dried skin becomes a translucent, golden filigree. The assembled fingernails, a spiraling mollusk shell. What interests me the most about the human body is its narrative potential. Its materials, like tiny arks, house genetic information and lived experience. I want to live forever. If all goes well, my preserved remains-as-artwork will lay dormant, like seeds, in humidity controlled museum vaults and cabinets of curiosity across the globe, waiting for their chance at reanimation.