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Book cover for "Never Again Will I Visit Auschwitz" by Ari Richter




Coming Summer 2024...


In this debut graphic memoir, New York-based artist Ari Richter weaves together two haunting stories – his grandparents' historical persecution in Nazi Germany and his own awakening to the contemporary rise of authoritarianism and the continuing crisis of anti-Semitism – with delicacy, immediacy, and an attention to surreal detail. 



is an act of self-discovery and the resuscitation of historical memory. It is about the intersection of a genocidal political moment in 20th century history and the author’s personal family history. Told from the perspectives of four generations of the author’s own family, spanning pre-war Germany to post-Trump America, it is both a celebration of Jewish cultural resilience and a warning of democracy’s fragility in the face of the seductive forces of authoritarianism. Part travelogue, part memoir, part historic retelling, author Ari Richter recreates his family’s journey leading up to and extending beyond the Holocaust.


Relying on extensive genealogical research and his family’s archiving, Richter illustrates the lives of his grandparents while reflecting on the burden of a storyteller to carry on these legacies. It is a rare opportunity to hear, and see, the first hand stories of both Holocaust survivors and their descendants, told as an intertwined tapestry of faith, grief, and ultimately, survival. Never Again Will I Visit Auschwitz is an intimate reflection on coming to grips with the past. Terrifying and funny in equal measure, this beautifully drawn graphic novel will be discussed for generations to come.

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